Atheists Decry Stand Up for religious freedom rally

This is from the blog St Anne Center for Reproductive Health, a great blog by fellow advocates for the sanctity of human life.
Notice the MASSIVE re-interpretation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States these men use to justify their claims. It appears that they not only want to be their own gods, they want to be their own Supreme Court, as well. Hubris, thy name is atheist.


  1. “Hubris, thy name is atheist.”

    Hubris, meet Nemesis.

  2. What we fear, we tend to demonize. Why does emotional immaturity make us see any opinion which differs from our own as a personal threat?

  3. I know your question is rhetorical, but it’s a good one. How would you answer it?

  4. They’re using a tried and true tactic; if you can’t win an argument with another person or group using reason, then demonize them. It’s a sad fact that all one has to do is publicly call someone else by a title, such as racist or nazi, or make a statement alleging that someone is acting in such manner, and proof won’t be necessary. All too many people will believe it, simply because it’s been stated in public.

  5. May I make a suggestion? We can’t persuade the people who sent this email. Let’s say a prayer for them. THEN, let’s send letters to every political candidate and elected official we know and tell them we want the HHS Mandate overturned. We don’t want to hear how “complex” it is. We want it overturned, and we want it now.
    After that, say another prayer; this time for our nation.

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