China Provinces Force Christian Women to Have Late-Term Abortions |

China Provinces Force Christian Women to Have Late-Term Abortions |

China’s policy of forced abortions has been an ongoing crime against humanity for decades.

It has continued while administrations from both political parties have sat in the White House, and majorities of both political parties have controlled Congress. Despite their pious campaign statements, neither party has done anything useful to address this problem.

Forced abortions have continued unabated while America has exported much of our industrial base to China, turning China into a massive economic power and destroying our own economy.

Forced abortion has contributed to the imbalance in China’s population, with young men outnumbering young women, since baby girls are more often murdered in this fashion than baby boys.

Now, it appears that China has added Christian persecution to its list of crimes by singling out Christian mothers for forced abortions.

Despite campaign rhetoric to the contrary, it is highly unlikely that our government will address this horror in a meaningful fashion, no matter who wins in November. Money and corporate interests have ruled our relations with China for decades and I would guess this is unlikely to change.

In the words of our fellow blogger at St Anne Center for Reproductive Health, St Gianna pray for us!


  1. This is an atrocity. I can’t understand why a whole country would allow and support murdering children and damaging mothers just to add to the work force. I see that money has a great deal to do with this but honor? Who would honor that kind of thing? Thank you for posting this it is an eye opener for sure…

    1. Thank you commenting. I agree with you.

  2. “The human rights watchdog also reported that a woman in the hospital bed next to Wei was nine months pregnant and injected with the same drug to cause a miscarriage.” The human rights organization could have been blunter. An abortion at nine months is not a “miscarriage.” It is not even a premature birth, as Gianna Jessen’s was. It is the full-term, albeit violent, birth of a live baby. It is murder (not that the others aren’t).

    And to target pregnant women because they are Christians and/ormembers of underground churches? Human rights violations compounded. Atrocities indeed.

    1. Jessica, I’ve seen information detailing many examples of forced abortion in China. It is satanic.

  3. Rebecca (if I may call you that),

    Would you please consider addressing the issue of affirming a sinner without endorsing the sin?
    Abortion and out-of-wedlock pregnancy: Our church reaches out to unwed mothers, giving them baby showers, mentoring them, sharing and exemplifying Jesus for them. Some of the girls go out and do it again (and again) and I think some girls watching think the way to be enfolded in a loving community is to get pregnant. Public schools offer unwed mothers continuing education–where their peers see them pregnant and holding beautiful babies and decide, “I wanna get me one of those!” How do we love the young woman and honor her for not aborting the baby without modeling that there are no consequences, only rewards for sin and encouraging dozens of other pregnancies?

    “True Love Waits,” “Why Wait?,” “Just Say No” and other programs are good but can’t provide will power–it depressed me to hear firsthand of one couple, while wearing rings showing their commitment to chastity, had sex and got pregnant. (It could have been me. Sin is depressing in anyone.)

    Maybe more important: How do we give equal and hopefully even greater affirmation and positive attention to the “good” singles who are choosing not to have sex, take drugs, cheat, lie, steal, etc, at great personal cost and struggle–so they don’t give up and give in or get bitter?

    Homosexuality: Friends of ours have a daughter who is legally married to another woman. The two women adopted an adorable little boy. The daughter’s mom embraces the two in Christian love, seemingly accepting the marriage. But the daughter’s dad, a pastor, not only refuses to acknowledge the relationship but refuses to see the couple or their son and tells people he has no grandchildren. How does one show love without implying that wrong-doing doesn’t matter? Are we to suck it up and love so we won’t be judged for judging? I assume the answer would apply to all moral evil, not just sexual sins.

    1. Jessica, this question is worthy of an entire post, maybe even more than one post. I’ve tried to answer twice and the answer tends to run on too long for this venue. I’ll just say that what you are dealing with is the reality of original sin.

      That’s not much of an answer, and I apologize. I promise I will do a whole post on this in the next week. Then we can discuss it as much as anyone wants after that.

      Thanks for your question, and for the work you are doing with these young people. Thank you also for caring about them and their immortal souls.

      1. >I promise I will do a whole post on this in the next week. Then we can discuss it as much as anyone wants after that.<


  4. That’s supposed to be a happy face.

  5. Pauline · ·

    Until our nation gets out of debt and lives on a real budget and lives on what we really have, we will not be able to stand up against China. After all, when you owe money to someone (in this case a country) and you are continuing to borrow from them, are you going to be able to tell them anything? “The borrower is the lender’s slave” is a verse from the Bible that has proven true and is scary to think about the future of our country.

    China may take us over without firing a shot.

    1. Thank you Pauline.

  6. China reminds me of the Middle East….

    All these sanctionrd and honor killings seems to ONLY and ALWAYS have to deal with “women”….

    Regardless what state….city…town…county….neighborhood….or COUNTRY a woman lives in….she at some point in her life will indeed experience some type of negative treatment ….. Women are gems that men seem to have gotten used to having around and forgetting that the women in their culture ate human beings with rights….Some countries remind people of these women’s right by politely getting the good ole’ law involved……

    Geesh… sad…. I know China is over populated but so is the jail systems!!!

    1. You’re right. Misogyny is a basic sin which encourages and abets many other sins.

  7. sixbrownbears · ·

    I say like..but more it is thank you for getting the word out. Just as voice of the martyrs sent out a notice about the Korean war camps filled with our brothers and sisters in Christ today…We need to pray and we need to pay attention.

    1. I understand. There are some posts where “like” isn’t exactly the right word. Christians are persecuted all over the world, including, at least verbally, here.

  8. Too many people in our nation, political leaders or not, have allowed the evil of abortion to flourish. It’s not much of a stretch for many of them to cast a blind eye to what’s happening in China. The problem is too many people don’t see abortion as an evil, and therefore I don’t think they see forced abortion as anything more than a legislated annoyance, no more evil than taxes. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just cynical about a good portion of our nation’s political leaders, and maybe I’m wrong in what I write in this comment, but from what I’ve seen, too many leaders either don’t have much of a moral base, or they’ve chosen to bury their moral base under many layers of ‘just doing politics as normal.”

    1. From my experience there is a good bit of truth to what you say. Also, do not underestimate the power of the money interests.

      “from what I’ve seen, too many leaders either don’t have much of a moral base, or they’ve chosen to bury their moral base under many layers of ‘just doing politics as normal.””

  9. God have mercy upon this world; it is a horrible thing to see the two posts you have presented here, but it is essential to be educated.
    As it says in The Bible Hosea 4:6, ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.’
    Believers In God Must Know What Is Going On In This Wicked World so that we do not perish for lack of ‘not knowing’ . . . We must pray for these people around the world going through such horrid persecution as well, and Thank God t is not Here in America YET. . .
    Thanks for posting these things, Rebecca

    1. Sadly, while we don’t have government mandated/enforced forced abortion in America, we DO have many instances of young women being forced to have abortions against their will. As has become their habit, the pro abortion activists oppose any efforts to stop this. Thank you for your comment.

      1. Agreed. Thank you, again, for spreading awareness on these most important issues. There may come a time when these things ARE mandated, here in the states, and with a country already going steadily downhill, I would not be surprised . . . Blessings and Peace In Christ, Rebecca: May He lead your blogging, and your private and public life.

  10. What can a ordinary person do to help get rid of this?

    1. That’s an excellent question!

      We can:

      1. Work within our various religious organizations to get them to take stands against forced abortion. How we do this will vary, depending on the denomination. That’s why it’s best if it’s done from within.
      2. If we own stock in corporations, even one share, we can use that to petition the corporate heads to move their plants from China to places where forced abortion does not happen.
      3. Write our Senators and Congresspeople, as well as our state legislators, demanding that they create policies that push American corporations to not build plants in China.
      4. Demand that our local and national chambers of commerce take positions opposing commerce with nations that practice forced abortion.

      If you don’t live in the US, you need to adapt these ideas to fit your own society. What matters is that you do something.

      And of course, we can and must pray. This is not the least thing we can do. It is the most important.

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