Photos from Rally for Religious Freedom OKC

Adrianna Gonzalez, co-producer, Test of Fire, introducing the film.

Pastor James Taylor addresses the rally

Representative Rebecca Hamilton, speaking to the rally

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt addresses the rally.

Theresa Collette, professor, University of St Thomas School of Law, addresses the rally.



  1. Holly J. Harrington · ·

    Thumbs up!

  2. Is this the Oklahoma Convention Center?

    1. It’s called the Cox Convention Center. It’s where the basketball games are played, among other things.

      1. Ok….thank you!

  3. Good for you.

  4. Hi Rebecca, is there anything that people who are overseas can do to support these campaigns? We are based in the UK but sometimes wonder how like minded individuals can be rallied to support the right kind of causes.

    Well done! Thanks for the post.

    1. First THANK YOU for the offer! I didn’t answer right away because I wanted to think about it first. It’s hard for me to give specific ideas, since I don’t know how things work in other countries. But, here are two of them. If they aren’t useful, let me know, and I’ll try again.
      1. Corporations control one of our political parties and have a lot of clout with the other one. These American corporations trade overseas, as well as have manufacturing plants there. Look at the suggestions in this post. If you are comfortable doing so, you might write the overseas directors of American companies that operate in your country and tell them you want to see the HHS Mandate overturned completely. You could use the letter-writing party idea I posted in the post, if it would work in your country.
      2. Ask leaders in your own church/denomination to speak out against the HHS Mandate and other attacks on religious liberty in America. A letter signed by the leaders of a denomination in your country could be very useful. If you can do this, let me know because I might be able to get publicity for it in America.

      If these ideas aren’t useful, I’ll see what else I can think of. Again, thanks for offering.

  5. Good morning Rebecca! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for 2 blog awards over on Biltrix. Thanks for the wonderful Catholic witness and blogging!

  6. Thank you so much. I just dove into blogging without learning the fine points and now I’ve got to figure out what these awards mean.

  7. This is by far one of the coolest blogs on WP :). Sounds like a great rally.

    1. It was! Thanks David.

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