Pray, Study, Take Action for Religious Freedom

This is a link to the story in our local newspaper about yesterday’s Rally for Religious Freedom OKC. If you have time, take a moment and read the nutso comments of the Christian-revilers. Don’t let their invective make you unhappy or angry. Just take a moment and pray for their conversion. God loves them just as much as He does you or me. He will change them if they let Him.

Oklahoma Catholics, Protestants, Rally for Religious Freedom

Then, resolve to never let nasty-mouthed bullying cow you into silence when it comes to standing up for Jesus. I’m not suggesting that you start fights with the kind of people who verbally harass and attack Christians. In fact, I’m not even suggesting that you go online and argue with them.

There’s a lot to be said for avoiding arguments with people who are not in their right minds. These folks’ comments aren’t so much comments as factually inaccurate sloganeering and slandering. I imagine that if you stood directly in front of one of them while they were spewing this, you’d end up with a face full of the spit that’s coming out with their high-volume verbiage. My guess is that they are mindlessly repeating what they’ve heard and what they say when they’re with people who agree with them.

Since they’re speaking mindlessly, what’s the point in trying to argue with them? They’re not in their right minds. Or at least I hope they’re not. That would be sad.

The point here is that it’s a waste of effort and an exercise in misery to try to talk to anyone when they are behaving like this. So …. don’t.

Here are some suggestions of what you might do instead:

Say a prayer for them and resolve to do at least one thing to help your fellow Christians get their collective heads out of the sand and stand up for Jesus.

Rather than trying to reason with people who sling accusations and bumper-sticker-speak like a gatling gun, invite a couple of your friends from church out for lunch. Bring along some information and enlist them in the fight. Ask them to take two of their friends out of lunch and enlist them.

If you are gifted with words, write a letter to the editor. That will give you the opportunity to state your views intelligently. If your letter gets published, don’t be upset if these same commenters come at the letter with their tripe. Don’t let it bother you if they get personal and ugly. Just concern yourself with getting your message out there. In fact, you might take this as an opportunity to write another letter re-stating your views in a courteous manner. Make the point that you aren’t engaging in ad hominem attacks. You are defending the Lord of all life … Who loves these people who are attacking Him and wants them to come to Him in repentance.

Host a letter-writing party for your Christian friends. Ask everyone there to write all of their elected officials of both parties. Leave no one out, including local officials. Tell them about the HHS Mandate. Say you oppose it.  Ask them to do the same. It’s ok for people to bring their computers and send emails. It’s also ok to write the letters on notebook paper by hand. You are their constituent. It’s their job to listen to you. You don’t need to be eloquent. What matters is that you care enough to write.

I’m deliberately suggesting non-confrontational ways for people to take a stand for Christ. I know that most people haven’t had years of getting publicly attacked for their faith like I have. I know it’s scary at first. But I also know that there is no greater honor than to be called an ugly name for standing up for Jesus. Don’t back down and don’t run and hide when people attack you because of Him. If you do that, you are not only allowing the Christian-haters to take over the public debate, you are cheating yourself of the chance to suffer, in a small way, for Christ.

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you can do these small things for Jesus.

Remember: Standing up for Jesus is your vocation. It is the vocation of every Christian.

So, pray for a renewal of religious freedom in America and around the world. Study the HHS Mandate so you can talk about it intelligently. And take action by talking about it with your friends and family.

Stand up for Jesus! Do it now and do it every day for the rest of your life!



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  2. Hello, may I share this… with open heart..

  3. I am sure you are right in what you say about how to deal with these people. One of the Catholic journalists who comments on my blog advised me to do as you say here.

    1. I think the most important thing — and it took me a long time to learn this — is to not let them steal your happiness. Praying for them not only helps them, it does wonders for you. Thank you Jessica, for your comment. I always enjoy your contributions.

      1. That is a wonderful way of looking at things. I pray for your witness and good work – and love the blog.

  4. True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty by Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan is available on Amazon for .99 cents today. The book was endorsed by Rick Warren. Rick Warren speaks about this issue being important for all Christians (I’m not Catholic myself).

    It would be nice to bring this book up in the ranks to bring more attention to this issue. It’s also available by most e-book providers according to the publisher. (I received an e-mail from them about the release of this book.) I do book reviews for them from time to time, but I purchased this book this morning.

    It is a very short book. It would also be helpful to do a book review for it after you read it. All of these things helps bring issues like this to the attention of the media.

    1. Pauline, thank you for letting everyone know about this.

      1. You’re welcome! I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. It is easy to forget that commenters on the internet are a tiny fraction of the population, and generally those who feel the inclination to comment on stories are the most unfiltered, opinionated among us. We travel through daily life surrounded by a bell curve of opinions and personalities, and even most of those in the thin tail will temper their words to fit the social situation. The combination that set of the population 2 standard deviations from the “opinion mean” with the freedom of anonymity along with the lack of personal interaction leads to shocking results at times. It is good and right to pray for them, realizing that these thoughts not only come from their hearts, but could well be residing in some others around us. But we shouldn’t give into the tendency of thought that this is prevailing opinion, no matter how many folks on the net pile on with the comments. Whenever we persevere and educate, we win hearts and minds. The abortion debate is over 4 decades old, and the titanic turns slowly, but with perseverance, we have continued to make progress in changing people’s minds on what abortion is and whether it should be allowed. We’re not there yet, but the day WILL come when it all changes, even if it is the day of the Second Coming.

    I’m not sure why I always leave long-winded comments here.

    I should start a blog or something.

    1. I agree with you. As to why you leave long — THOUGHTFUL — comments here, I prefer to think it’s because the civil tone of the commenters here, along with their thoughtfulness, makes you think and at the same time, gives you sense of comfort so that you feel free to think out loud.

  6. Love this and it is soo needed!

    1. Thank you Elissa.

  7. I appreciate your stand for religious freedom. Thank the Lord that we are still free to worship God as we see fit in this country. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  8. We the men of one accord thank God for you and pray that our Lord Jesus give you the boldness and courage you need to keep standing up for Jesus. We thank-you also!

    1. Thank you, and thank you for your ministry of prayer.

  9. I really agree with you. People with close minds has no space for improvement. I really think that arguments are not the solution. It will make things even worse. I strongly do believe that religion cannot change us but only God can. Your blogs are great. Thank you for also liking my blog. God bless us all 🙂

    1. Kimmy, your blog is honest and brave. I’m praying for you that you can do all the things you want.

      1. thank you very much 🙂 God bless.

  10. Amen! Keep speaking the truth Rebecca! We need you 🙂

    1. Thank you David!

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