Nobody Even Cares About What’s’is Name

Read the blogs. Look at the polls. Ask your neighbors.

People are planning to vote against President Obama.

Other people are planning to vote for President Obama.

Nobody (except maybe his family) appears to be voting either for or against What’s’is Name. You know who I’m talking about; that other guy — the billionaire I-was-one-of-the-most-aggressively-pro-abortion-governors-in-America-until-I-decided-I-wanted-to-run-for-president thingy person that folks who are voting against President Obama have to … ummm … sorta vote for.

It appears that the President is in this race pretty much alone. And he’s got himself in a tie. Somehow or other, this supposedly genius politician has maneuvered himself into a dead heat … with himself. What’s’is name focuses on teeny-tiny issues of gaffe attacks and unseemly arguments such as the I woulda killed him deader than you did debate. He dances and prances around the ring alone, shadow boxing with himself. Meanwhile, Obama pounds himself with a right, a left, a right … until … he’s got himself on the ropes.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid things in politics. But this bizarre dumb-off of a presidential election takes the cake.

Both our contenders seem focused on attacking one another. They’re spending a lot of money, attacking each other’s positions and opinions. The problem is, we the people know all this stuff already. We already know that Obama never met an abortion he didn’t like and Romney feels pretty much the same but has, pragmatic politician that he is, decided to pretend he doesn’t. We already know that Obama wants to bring religion under the government heel. We already know that Romney is the bought and sold creature of the big corporations.

We. Already. Know.

So. What’s an American to do? Go to the write-in ballot?

I am a duly elected legislator. There are a lot of people who think it’s part of my job description to line up with my party and support our turnip, no matter what. But I guess somebody forgot to put the poison in my kool-aid, because I won’t do it.

Frankly, I am disgusted with the choices that our two political parties keep giving us. Year after year, election after election, we have to choose between the guy who’s owned by the special interests who are going to stab the American people in the back, and the guy who’s owned by the special interests who are going to stab the American people in the back with a different knife.

From time to time, a reporter will ask me how I voted in this or that election. It’s usually about some hot button issue here in Oklahoma. I always tell them that I voted by secret ballot. I do this because when I go into a voting booth, my vote is the same as any other American’s, and like all Americans, I have the right to privacy with my votes. My other votes, the ones I cast as a representative, are very public, and they should be. But not when I vote in elections. When I do that, I’m a private citizen.

So, come November, I’m going to vote by secret ballot. There are a lot of questions further down the ballot, issues and races that aren’t presidential, where I want to vote. I have an opinion and I want to express that opinion at the polls.

But when it comes to the dead-heat of Obama vs Obama with a side order of What’s’is Name … um … well … I wish I didn’t have to vote for either one.


  1. I wish we had legislators of your integrity and willingness to tell it how it is. How awful that both sides just want to attack – what is it they are for, other than being the POTUS?

    1. I could write a whole post — or several posts — on this. It’s both sad and frightening, this degradation of our democracy.

      what is it they are for, other than being the POTUS

      1. Your thoughts would be well worth reading as you really know what you are writing about.

  2. Great post and you should have the right to your opinions and your privacy and your private vote

    Here’s my wish when it comes to political commercials – (yes, we are being sold something!)
    I wish all political commercials commenting on the other candidate were banned
    Any written or TV or Radio commercial should tell us Americans what the candidate “stands for” and “how” the candidate would make changes
    All Candidates should express their opinions and not be able to comment on the other candidate

    God Bless your honesty

    1. Thank you Susie. I think it would help things a lot if we banned television and radio advertising from political campaigns. For a starter, it would reduce how much campaigns cost and that would (maybe) allow candidates who were not bought and sold to be competitive in major races.

  3. loopyloo305 · ·

    The only real difference I see between them is that one of them we know is going to promote death no matter what, and the other one does seem to care about what other people think. The difference seems to be between the degrees but it is a least a difference! I will hold my nose and vote for at least the hope of life. I think!!!!

    1. I think a lot of folks are leaning that way.

  4. Have you ever read Tocqueville’s Democracy in America? Although I haven’t read it in its entirety myself, what I’ve seen seems to be almost prophetic.

    1. I haven’t read it, but I think I will. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. And that, my friend, is the best description of this so-called election I’ve read yet.

    And, why oh, why can’t they be for something (I think the Constitution would be good choice) instead of only against the other guy.

    And Brian’s right, de Tocqueville talks quite a bit about the evils of party. Strangely, I read the abridged version last week..

    1. great minds run in the same circles

      And Brian’s right, de Tocqueville talks quite a bit about the evils of party. Strangely, I read the abridged version last week..

  6. Well spoken as always. I’m tired of voting against someone but never actually liking who I am voting for.

  7. Boy, do I agree! The media decided for us from the beginning that What’s’is Name would be the Republican candidate, never focused their cameras or attention on the one guy who tells it straight, believes the stuff this country was founded on, and knows how to get the job done: Ron Paul.

    As usual, my problem comes down to, do I vote for the best candidate, the one whose principles and positions I really agree with (on the whole) and actually respect–and think foreign leaders will respect–or do I hold my nose and go with What’s’is Whiskers just to keep from splitting the ticket and letting Obama back in? Hey, I have a novel idea–what if we ALL vote for the best candidate? Then he might–just–win!

  8. In my opinion, you hit the target dead center. Yet we are castigated in the press for our views if they are stated publicly. I had the opportunity to vote in Iowa caucuses, and I had more of a choice then.

    1. Thanks Kathie. It must have been good, getting to vote in such an important primary.

  9. Rebecca I’m with you…I don’t like either of my options…either! It’s come down to this for me: vote for a known “evil” or an unknown “evil”. Where’s door number three when you need it?

  10. Hi Rebecca! I have given you the Illuminating Blogger Award because you were one of the first people who came to mind when I was asked to pass it on to another blogger.

    You can pick the award up at my blog, write seven things about yourself, and then pass it on to a few other bloggers.

    Thanks and keep blogging! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have been trying to figure out how this award thing works.

      1. Hi! Me too 🙂 I think you just save the image on your computer and then you can put it into a text widget in the side of your blog. That is what I did anyways…if you need the html, let me know.

        I just followed what all the people who were nominated before me did…I may have botched it, but that is ok. I am learning too 🙂

        Thanks again for the blog!

  11. Just went through this in yesterday’s primary runoff. Your best quote:

    “Frankly, I am disgusted with the choices that our two political parties keep giving us. Year after year, election after election, we have to choose between the guy who’s owned by the special interests who are going to stab the American people in the back, and the guy who’s owned by the special interests who are going to stab the American people in the back with a different knife.”

    Maybe the post could be titled” “Politics is a mess and I didn’t do it.”

    1. We had our primary here yesterday and it was the same story. Thanks for the title suggestion — it’s too apt!!

  12. I agree wholeheartedly. I voted for Obama in 2008. I didn’t really start to regret it until the past year or so. I was even in favor of the health care plan, until the HHS contraception mandate. Obama appears to be doing everything he possibly can to alienate Catholics and religious people of all stripes. I don’t care about the other guy at all. Reading his positions on a number of things — especially the environment and education — I can barely stomach the thought of voting for him. But at this point, it’s “anybody but” Obama.

    1. Thank you Joseph. The president promised that the Affordable Health Care Act would not compromise religious liberty. He even went so far as to put the promise in writing to Congressman Stupak. The Act itself contains language exempting religious institutions. The HHS Mandate is an AGENCY RULE which abrogates all that. Among other things, the President has broken his promise.

  13. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman · ·

    As I said before I am so heartsick over what has happened to our country. We need someone who is faithful to God, country and then self. A part of me doesn’t even want to vote I am so disgusted but my patriotic self is urging me to make my voice heard no matter how small. Do I write in? Do I vote for what his name? either way I fear we lose. I would like to see a Godly person rise to the occasion and sweep this nation back into the grace of God. Are you running yet Rebecca?! 😉 You have actually put some of the my trust back into our government. ~Patty

    1. Thank you Patty. But I have as much chance of being elected to national office as I do of jumping the Grand Canyon flat-footed.

      I feel the same fears and concerns you do.

      1. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman · ·

        I would not want you to jump off the Grand Canyon! 😀 Thanks to people like you who keep us informed on what is going on and what we can do to make positive changes there is always hope – and that hope is of course is in our Lord and Savior. – Jesus Christ and not the politicians.

        1. “I would not want you to jump off the Grand Canyon!”

          Thank you! 🙂

  14. faithfulnibbles · ·

    Praise the Lord for government leaders like you. I, too, am struggling with the lack of a presidential candidate that I can vote for instead of just voting against Obama.

    1. I think there are a lot of us in this situation!

  15. I will not defend Romney in entirety, but I do not feel quite the same as you. They are not the same. Catholicism teaches more than any other denomination that there are degrees. We do not live a mantra of “sin is sin.” We understand that gravity of sin varies, depending on a number of factors.

    I personally am a bit disturbed by the complete lack of willingness to actually believe that a person can have a conversion in the political arena. I have heard Romeny’s story a number of times regarding his conversion on life issues. It does not strike me as insincere. Perhaps I am naive or not jaded by the political arena, but if there is one religion in the world that speaks of conversion and redemption, it is the Catholic faith. And yet, many will never forgive and/or forget a public pro-abortion stance.

    I love your blog, and respect your opinions. But I do not see this the same way as you.

    We seek perfection. It isn’t there, so the tendency is to lapse into faulty thinking that there is no difference between them because on this issue or that issue they are both problematic.

    I can, and will, in good conscience vote for Romney, not because he is the perfect candidate, but because there is no possible way anyone can compare the two and conclude that he is not the superior candidate on moral issues, defects and all. Add to that the sheer immorality of recklessness of our national debt and fiscal policies, and I see a chasm between the two. I consider the AFA a travesty even without the religious implications, and I simply do not think people understand the grave consequences of launching this system. See the UK stories from last week that reveal the rate of unofficial euthanasia as a direct result of the policies of socialized medicine

    Just my opinion.

    1. This is a great comment. As usual from you, it’s very thoughtful. You make a good point about my cynicism about his conversion. What makes me chary is the timing of it, that and the fact that I know he had to do it to run for president as a Republican. There are pro life Democrats (Joe Biden) who have done the same thing in reverse.

      I’m wrong some of the time. I hope and pray this is one of those times. If I am, I will happily, gratefully, apologize. All I can say is, from your mouth to God’s ear. I soooo hope you’re right.

  16. I vote prolife

    1. We all try to, but politicians lie. Both political parties have a vested interest in abortion remaining legal. I see it every day, up close and personal.

  17. Im with The Diatribe Guy Rebecca, the moral issue being the important point for me. By the way thanks for visiting my blog, im so new at this but I am really enjoying meeting people like you!

  18. Welcome!

    Your blog is a good one. I think it may be the evangelism that you prayed for.

    1. Rebecca, you have opened my eyes! Thank you.

      1. Thank YOU Jan. You are going to do good things with your blog.

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