Public Catholic Comment: Lying Snakes, Kabuki Dancers and Useful Idiots

This is unconventional, but I want to re-blog a re-blog of one of my posts here on Public Catholic. Our friend Art really hit the ball out of the park with his comments. I think we all can benefit from reading them. Thank you Art for adding your valuable experience and wisdom to this discussion!

The Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery: Before going any further, please read Public Catholic’s “Stop Slogan-Voting…. Part 1.”  My comments address Rebecca Hamilton’s (Public Catholic) post.

COMMENTS: Lying Snakes, Kabuki Dancers and Useful Idiots

I’m an old guy who is new to the public political arena (4 yrs) but well versed in the arena of church politics (35 yrs). I am not a newcomer to the “culture wars.”

My relatively recent foray into the public political arena began as a Tea Party activist after the election of Barack Obama; I had recently retired from active ordained ministry in a mainline protestant denomination. As a church pastor, I limited my public political activities to the Pro-Life movement, but was an intrepid culture warrior within the church – to little or no avail. (In retrospect, I was like the little Dutch boy trying to plug the holes in the dike with his fingers. Eventually…

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  1. Peanut gallerY quotes Psalm 146, “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. When his breath departs, he returns to the earth; on that very day his plans perish…”
    I read this quote recently as well: “When the church takes affairs of the state more seriously than they do Jesus, Pax Romana becomes its gospel and the president becomes the Son of God.”
    ― Shane Claiborne, Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals

  2. Rebecca – I thought you should be aware that I added this insert to my original post. I didn’t want to paint Billy Graham with the “Useful Idiot” brush.

    Insert to “Useful Idiots” (7/10/2012) – I would like to correct a glaring omission.

    Kudos go to Billy Graham who managed serial contacts with White House occupants while remaining centered in Christ and true to his purpose – to bring people to Jesus. The one possible exception, as I remember, was with Richard Nixon and Watergate. Graham was much more circumspect in his Presidential relationships after that. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Billy Graham is no fool – except for Christ.

    1. I’m glad you did that, Art. I saw the unflattering juxtaposition in the original and felt the this was actually what you intended. Billy Graham is a living saint, in my opinion. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. […] Public Catholic Comment: Lying Snakes, Kabuki Dancers and Useful Idiots ( […]

  4. Hi Rebecca, Your, and Art’s articles are exceptional.

    This is getting to be a daily thing but, it won’t last. here’s your daily NEGOP Update via Redstate eclectic.



    Mark Fahleson, Chairman, Nebraska Republican Party

    Laura Ebke, Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska

    The following statement was jointly prepared and issued by Mark Fahleson on behalf of the Nebraska Republican Party and Laura Ebke on behalf of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska, a group whose membership consists of a number of individuals who have aligned themselves with the Ron Paul for President campaign:

    “We are both troubled by the rhetoric and heightened tensions surrounding the upcoming NEGOP Convention this Saturday in Grand Island.

    There is something called “The Nebraska Way.” It’s honesty. Being cordial and neighborly. Practicing The Golden Rule. And, when differences occur, shaking hands and agreeing to disagree in a respectful way.

    It’s important to us that the NEGOP Convention be conducted “The Nebraska Way.” For that reason we met to discuss ways in which we could more accurately reflect the cordiality and cooperation that actually exists between our two groups and express our mutual desire for the NEGOP Convention be conducted in an orderly and positive fashion.

    To accomplish this, we pledge the following:

    The NEGOP and RLCNE will not engage in nor encourage and will actively discourage any kind of dilatory or disruptive tactics that could interfere with the mutual goal of an orderly and efficient convention.
    Based upon assurances provided by the RLCNE, the NEGOP has reconsidered and withdrawn its plan to hire additional security officers for the NEGOP Convention.
    The RLCNE will discourage those wishing to attend the NEGOP Convention for the purpose of intimidation, agitation or monitoring from attending.
    At the conclusion of the NEGOP convention, we will work together to accomplish the overarching goal we share: defeating Barack Obama in November.”

    As RLCNE’s Ebke explained further: “We are all Republicans. The RLCNE is nothing more than a subset of the Nebraska Republican Party whose focus is individual liberty and smaller government. We share the NEGOP’s interest in running a fair convention that brings us all together in the end.”

    NEGOP’s Fahleson reiterated his commitment to running a fair convention, explaining “Every minute spent on parliamentary gamesmanship is a minute we’re not spending defeating Barack Obama and sending Bob Kerrey back to wife and son in New York. The NEGOP and RLCNE have pledged to work together for the greater good, and that’s what Saturday’s convention will be all about.”

    – 30 –

    1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. The whole world should practice The Nebraska Way!

      1. We should practice itself better ourselves, sometimes but, yes.

        Unfortunately, it’s sometimes used to silence opposition but, as near as I can tell, that’s not going to work with Laura and Co.

        1. There is a trick to sticking with what you believe while refusing to get ugly. It’s called grit. Sounds as if Laura and Co may have it.

          1. I think they do, at that.

  5. from Rebecca, I’d like to give you 2 blogger awards. If you’d like to accept, come to and get the instructions there.

    1. Ok. I’ll do it later today. (And Thanks!!)

      1. I still haven’t gotten to it. It’s not that I don’t care, I’m just overloaded.

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