You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine Award

Due my extreme ineptitude with blogger awards, I have created the You Are My Sunshine Award for all those generous souls who have helped me launch Public Catholic.

Today’s You Are My Sunshine Award goes to 8 Kids And A Business and her great post Euthanasia: It’s Not Enough to Say No.

You can find her at:

Remember all you dieters out there: Stressed is desserts spelled backwards!



  1. You can change your link to a live link by highlighting it with your mouse and then clicking on the little “chain” icon. If you hover over the icon, it will say something about “link.”

    1. Ok. I’ll try it. Thanks!

    2. It worked Pauline! Thanks again.

      1. You’re welcome! Glad to help.

  2. from Oh my gosh, Rebecca! I’m finally able to close my dropped-jaw mouth after reading this! Thank you so much. I must say that the issues you write about and the conviction with which you write influences me to try and write with conviction about things I feel are important. In the spirit of blogger awards, I’ll pass this on to another blogger.

  3. from I re-read your post and I’m wondering… I supposed to pass on the award?

  4. […] Last week, 8 Kids and a Business was the first official recipient of that award, called the “You Are My Sunshine Award” from creator Rebecca Hamilton over at Public Catholic. […]

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