Christianity changing lives of India’s ‘untouchables’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Christianity changing lives of India’s ‘untouchables’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

I think we need a break from thinking about America’s current political morass.

This story of how Christianity is affecting the untouchables of India, especially the women, is a present-day example of how Our Lord lifts people out of degradation.

We are called to be the light of the world, and Jesus is always the Victor. Never forget that.



  1. You are right. We get caught up with petty problems in America. We don’t see the severe pain of those in places like India. Shame on us!

  2. from Thanks for posting this. We in the west get so caught up with our own problems that we often forget that as troubled as our governments are, we still have the freedom to speak out, get an education, live in security. In many parts of the world, people, especially women, don’t even dare to dream of having a fraction of what we take for granted.

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