Foot of the Cross

Mary and Jesus

Peter Wiebe’s blog, Threshold of Heaven, takes readers to the foot of the cross.

Peter lost his precious little boy, Jesse, to cancer a year ago. Threshold of Heaven is a tribute to Jesse and a searingly honest account of the hardest grief any person can know; the loss of a child.

Peter’s posts make me think of Our Lady. She had to watch her child die, too. St Simeon told her when Jesus was only a few days old, “A sword shall pierce your soul.” And it did.

Yet, the Archangel Gabriel called Mary blessed.

This isn’t an award. It’s an acknowledgement of a beautiful, brave little boy and his loving and brave Dad.

Thank you Peter, for your generosity in sharing your love for Jesse with us.



  1. angels2send · ·

    thank you for pointing me in this direction…what a sweet man. prayers and blessings to you this wonderful Sunday…

    1. Yes, he is. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Peter Wiebe · ·

    Thank you, Rebecca, for helping me to get the word out: life is so short and we need to be more eternally minded in our daily decisions so that we can look at Jesus, our Saviour, with confidence at His appearing. Thank you for your precious and kind words.

    1. Peter, your message is the only one that matters. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  3. Hello and may The Lord Bless All Of You !

    “Yet, the Archangel Gabriel called Mary blessed”

    It is always a puzzle of Sentiments, Sad and Joy

    Did remind of an Artist who struggled in those two..

    Joy Division – The Eternal
    Paintings of Sir Edward Burne-Jones,John William Waterhouse,John Everett Millais

    Joy is not sad thing, but from Sad to Joy.. it is just a Step.. just a Step ahead !
    Toward Forward some space away from the Sadness, here The Joy !
    It is there, behind the color steam, try to catch it flow, but it is there !
    See it and smile at it, like it see you, like it smile at you, like love and life !
    Petals Fall but in a strange way the Flower is still there !

    And unfortunatly some eyes can’t see..
    And fortunatly some eyes can see..
    Sad and Joy

    Brotherly Sharing Rebecca, 🙂

    1. Thank you Wil. Thank you also for your brave blog.

  4. Hi Rebeeca, Thanks for your thoughtful writing. Bless you

    1. Thank you for your kind comment.

  5. That was really kind of you Rebecca.

  6. Yes…you are very brave…thanks for the reminder about how we can be blessed even as a sword pierces our soul.

    1. I think Peter is the brave one here. Thank you for reading this Brook.

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