Culture Warriors

I am creating the Culture Warrior Award to honor two stalwart culture warriors. These men stand for life, and they are in the fight for the long haul. They are two of Public Catholic’s finest Culture Warriors. We need more courageous blogs like theirs. You can find them at: and


  1. Great award – two very worthy recipients.

  2. Congrat ! NEO 🙂


  3. Thank you Rebecca – The truth is, I couldn’t have done anything else (1 Cor 9.16 ESV). I hope it’s not too self-serving to have re-blogged this post.

    1. I think it’s great that you re-blogged it!
      Would you do me a favor? There’s a typo in the first line. It should read: to honor two stalwart …
      I corrected it on my side. Would you do it on yours?
      I am thrilled you like the award. I meant it.

  4. Reblogged this on nebraskaenergyobserver and commented:
    Thanks, Rebecca, I am very honored. One must stand for the right as one sees it, or fall for anything, I have made the journey from pro-choice to anti-infanticide (which I find a less euphemistic term) and have no doubts at all.

    It is time for us all to get off the bench and do (and say) what is right.

    Thank YOU for your leadership, and Congratulations to Art, a very deserving recipient.

  5. from Way to go, Rebecca! Congratulations to NEO and The Peanut Gallery. Very deserving indeed.

    1. Thank you my friend!

  6. nateaddington · ·

    shouldn’t someone be giving you this award 😉

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