Congressional hearing examines violence against Christians in Nigeria :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Congressional hearing examines violence against Christians in Nigeria :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Christians are currently being subjected to what amounts to genocide in several areas in the world. The persecution in Nigeria is one terrible example.

Unfortunately, hate speech directed at Christians and Christianity has become ubiquitous on the internet.

It is past time for those of us who follow Christ to say “enough.”



  1. These things just continue on and on with little ever being done. The UN does nothing, we do nothing, Europe does nothing. It is nothing more than an issue that the politicians of the world play with. I hold out little hope for the region in the short term but pray that God will give our leaders a spine in the long term.

  2. I have noticed it’s always open season on Christians. May we react as ” wise as serpents and as harmless as doves”, so that Jesus is glorified.

    We don’t want to give them reasons to reload their guns!

    Perhaps we could all pray this for our leaders in whatever country we live in. I need to start praying this for other places, too. May justice and religious freedom prevail!

    In Christ, Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy.

  3. The scriptures says that this is supposed to happen. Which means our Lord’s return is nearer still. It sucks that this is happening to us. But praise our Lord that this earth is not our home. and soon we will be home and this will be but a joke that we will laugh at eternally :).

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, and I agree that it will be glorious in that day. But I think it would be a grave mistake to accede to the persecution of Christians because we think it might bring the Second Coming. I believe with all my heart that our job in the here and now is to work to bring the Kingdom by being the light and salt in the situation in which God has placed us.

      1. definitely. I agree with you 100%. My motivation is not apathetic in nature. When I see events like this occurring, its easy for me to get discouraged. However, when im reminded that God is in control and that this too will pass, I have hope. However, I completely agree, to accede to these events just for the sake of our Lord’s return would not only be wrong, it would be down right un-biblical. God calls us to be the light of the world. We need to stand for truth in love so that God can shine through. So, sorry for the confusion 🙂

        1. I know how you feel. It IS easy to become discouraged by all the evil in the world. I feel it today especially, because of Denver. Thank you for reminding me that our hope is in Jesus.

  4. I have noted it has been open season the faithful since Christ ascended. The problem we face today is who or what is a follower of the Christ. Far to many claim to be in order to achieve an office to gain support while in the end their true self is made very clear.we are told to discern among ourselves who is and is not not then we are told have nothing to do with those who are anti-to the ways of the Christ.Sadly in our modern world we would be lonely pathic creatures for so much is counter to the true ways of the Christ. I can not see Jesus cheering at a gay pride parade nor can I see him holding a sign promoting choice and thus advacating the murdder of a child.Nor can I see my savior say that the union of two persons of the same sex is valid when he has expressly called it an abomination and a stench.Yes, my lord loves everone but noteveryone is his. His sheep will respond and as he says keeep his fathers commands. The rest belong to Satin and the fires of hell.

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    It is past time for those of us who follow Christ to say “enough.”

  6. Muslims killed 500 Christians in Nigeria freedom religion Koran

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