Check It Out! First Post On Patheos!

Dear Friends:

I just put up my first post on Patheos. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before. I just pulled over the information from my bio on this site. But, it was an adventure, publishing it.

Would you have a look and see if it comes through ok on your computer? Also, if you don’t mind, tell me if you think it looks ok.

The link is


  1. Yes, followed it easily. Just needed to reset how I follow you, but there is a series of options, one of which should suit everyone – hope for many more over on Patheos.

    1. Thanks Jessica. I didn’t know this.

  2. Looks good. Why did you switch? As a blogger on WordPress, I’d like to know if I’m missing something. Thanks!

    1. I’m doing it because I have hopes that it will give a larger audience to what I’m saying. I do feel a little sad about it. I’ve grown very fond of the wonderful interaction here on WordPress. Hopefully, enough of you guys will follow me that we can continue over there.

  3. from Looks good, Rebecca. To continue following you, should I bookmark your site on patheos?

  4. No problems linking, all’s well. How to subscribe ?

    1. I THINK the RSS feed. But that’s just my best guess.

  5. looks good! no problems!

  6. There is a box on the right-hand side that allows you to put in your e-mail address to follow her on her new blog. I use Firefox, and it looks fine in my browser.

    1. Thank you Pauline! Would you post that over on Patheos so people over there can find it?

  7. I attempted to comment but was cut off. Said it was busy. That’s a good thing. I might have to make your page a favorite until it settles down unless the wordpress followers will switch over. I’ll figure it out or I know you will give us help.

    1. Right now, I’m on computer overload. I have to keep fighting the temptation to toss the thing in the yard! But I will do all that I can to keep our little band of Culture Warriors together. I think we need one another. I know I do.


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