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WordPress to Patheos, What’s Happenin’

Moving a blog is a little bit like moving to a new house. There’s a lot more to it than you thought about when you bought the thing.

Public Catholic Patheos will have its formal debut next Monday. I’m going to start publishing posts at Public Catholic Patheos before that. In fact, I hope to start in the next day or so. I hope you come over and look at things and give me feed-back. 

My understanding is that if you come to the old Public Catholic site you will be re-directed to the new one but that this won’t happen until everything is up and running on Patheos. Let me know if/when this starts working. 

In the meantime, the site, which will be all-singing, all-dancing in a couple of days, can be found at . We’re still polishing the rough edges, but go over, have a look and tell me what you think. I welcome your feedback. 



Mac, PC, iPad or Something Else: Which Are You?

I confess. I’m a Mac. Right now, I’m in a sort of Mac-lovers delirium. I broke out the plastic yesterday and ordered a new Macbook Pro 13″ and now I’m waiting for delivery. It’s Christmas in August! The Macbook Pro replaces the almost five-year-old Macbook I’m typing on right now. I’ve loved this Macbook. It’s […]

WordPress to Patheos, Oh My!

Dear Friends: If all goes well, Public Catholic will start publishing through Patheos on Monday, August 6. As to what happens if things don’t go well, I’m kinda clueless. I have never done anything like this before so it’s a learn-as-you-go and hope-you-get-it-right process. I’ve been told that the experience will be seamless for people […]