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My Heart Aches for America

America suffered another tragic shooting today. The Reverend Billy Graham published a letter to America a few weeks ago that seems almost to speak of it when he says, “My heart aches for America.”  Here’s an excerpt of what he wrote: Some years ago, my wife, Ruth, was reading the draft of a book I […]

WordPress to Patheos, Oh My!

Dear Friends: If all goes well, Public Catholic will start publishing through Patheos on Monday, August 6. As to what happens if things don’t go well, I’m kinda clueless. I have never done anything like this before so it’s a learn-as-you-go and hope-you-get-it-right process. I’ve been told that the experience will be seamless for people […]

Christianity changing lives of India’s ‘untouchables’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Christianity changing lives of India’s ‘untouchables’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA). I think we need a break from thinking about America’s current political morass. This story of how Christianity is affecting the untouchables of India, especially the women, is a present-day example of how Our Lord lifts people out of degradation. We are called to […]