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Marriage is a Mess and Homosexuals Didn’t Do It

Marriage is a Mess and Homosexuals Didn’t Do It.

Public Catholic Patheos Formal Debut Monday, August 13 !!

Dear Friends: Public Catholic will have its formal debut on Patheos tomorrow! I’ll continue to post links here as long as I can. But I won’t be able to do that for much longer. There are a few things you need to know about this process. 1.  Nothing posted here, including your comments and likes, […]

Check It Out! New Page for Stop Slogan-Voting. Stop Hate-Voting. Stop Being Manipulated Series.

I’ve put together a NEW PAGE for all the posts in the Stop Slogan-Voting. Stop Hate-Voting. Stop Being Manipulated series. Would you check it out and see if it works ok? After Public Catholic has its formal introduction next Monday, I’m going to start working on the series again.

Check It Out! First Post On Patheos!

Dear Friends:

I just put up my first post on Patheos. It nothing you haven’t seen before. I just pulled over the information from my bio on this site. But, it was an adventure, publishing it. 

Would you have a look and see if it comes through ok on your computer? Also, if you don’t mind, tell me if you think it looks ok.

The link is


WordPress to Patheos, What’s Happenin’

Moving a blog is a little bit like moving to a new house. There’s a lot more to it than you thought about when you bought the thing.

Public Catholic Patheos will have its formal debut next Monday. I’m going to start publishing posts at Public Catholic Patheos before that. In fact, I hope to start in the next day or so. I hope you come over and look at things and give me feed-back. 

My understanding is that if you come to the old Public Catholic site you will be re-directed to the new one but that this won’t happen until everything is up and running on Patheos. Let me know if/when this starts working. 

In the meantime, the site, which will be all-singing, all-dancing in a couple of days, can be found at . We’re still polishing the rough edges, but go over, have a look and tell me what you think. I welcome your feedback. 



Mac, PC, iPad or Something Else: Which Are You?

I confess. I’m a Mac. Right now, I’m in a sort of Mac-lovers delirium. I broke out the plastic yesterday and ordered a new Macbook Pro 13″ and now I’m waiting for delivery. It’s Christmas in August! The Macbook Pro replaces the almost five-year-old Macbook I’m typing on right now. I’ve loved this Macbook. It’s […]

Public Catholic Comment: Lying Snakes, Kabuki Dancers and Useful Idiots

Originally posted on The Peanut Gallery:
Peanut Gallery: Before going any further, please read Public Catholic’s “Stop Slogan-Voting…. Part 1.”  My comments address Rebecca Hamilton’s (Public Catholic) post. COMMENTS: Lying Snakes, Kabuki Dancers and Useful Idiots I’m an old guy who is new to the public political arena (4 yrs) but well versed in the arena…

Nobody Even Cares About What’s’is Name

Read the blogs. Look at the polls. Ask your neighbors. People are planning to vote against President Obama. Other people are planning to vote for President Obama. Nobody (except maybe his family) appears to be voting either for or against What’s’is Name. You know who I’m talking about; that other guy — the billionaire I-was-one-of-the-most-aggressively-pro-abortion-governors-in-America-until-I-decided-I-wanted-to-run-for-president thingy […]