Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus



Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus

August 14, 2012 By  66 Comments

What would it take to make you deny Christ? Would you deny Jesus to save your life? Would you deny Him to save your child’s life? What would it take for you to turn your back on Jesus? Christians die for their faith all over the world, right now, this minute. Christians are raped, splashed with acid, stoned, beheaded, sold into slavery every minute of every day because they refuse to deny Jesus. They are the martyrs of our times, and we, who are not facing martyrdom, do very little to … [Read More…]




  1. Always Hungry for Something · · Reply

    Privilege. That is a powerful word. I know I have held back, been silent, refrained from praying, etc… All for the sake of others and their discomfort with the way I worship my God. Shame on me. Thank you for causing me to pause and realize those actions are indeed denying my Savior the glory and attention he deserves.


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