Mac, PC, iPad or Something Else: Which Are You?

I confess.

I’m a Mac.

Right now, I’m in a sort of Mac-lovers delirium. I broke out the plastic yesterday and ordered a new Macbook Pro 13″ and now I’m waiting for delivery. It’s Christmas in August!

The Macbook Pro replaces the almost five-year-old Macbook I’m typing on right now. I’ve loved this Macbook. It’s white and it’s cute and it’s tough.

I’ve taken it all over the country. It’s seen the inside of overhead bins and cargo holds and been drug around airports inside roller luggage with little thudy wheels. I’ve tossed it on my car seat and taken it to work, lugged it around the house, and spent lots of hours with it on the sofa. It’s followed me on vacations and even done duty at the hospital when my mother was sick.Β It’s had a full computer life.

But, even though it’s earned it, the Macbook is not retiring. My husband says he wants it. That means it’s back to the overhead bins and luggage holds for my little white machine.

I also have an iPad that I take to work. It’s the best thing I’ve found for reading the huge number of bills we vote on every session. It fits in my purse and travels from committee meetings to the House floor to my office and home again without straining my back.

These aren’t my only Apple gadgets, but you get the picture.

I’m a Mac.

Which are you? Do you compose your blogs on a Mac, PC, iPad or Something Else?

Vote in the poll below and let’s talk about it.


  1. I love the Macs too, but I do my blogging mainly at work which only has a PC, but oh well! I do song recordings mainly on our Mac, it’s so good for all that, and my wife does graphic design stuff on it. Ya can’t beat the Mac!

    1. They gave us pc laptops at the House, but I mainly use mine as a paper weight. There are too many ways I could get in trouble with the thing. First, it affords zero privacy. Second, there’s a rat’s nest of rules about using it. I fear accidentally breaking one of them and ending up on the front page of the newspaper for an “ethics” violation of a rule I didn’t even know about. As for blogging on it … bad idea. It’s just easier — and safer — to buy my own computer, software, peripherals, etc.

  2. Peter Wiebe · · Reply

    We cut off our phone landlines a number of months ago and switched to smartphones. I think that I would feel totally lost without my iphone now. I do probably about half of my blog and computer related activities from the iphone and the other half from our PC. I’d love to have an iPad and a Mac. Perhaps someday. I guess that would make me a Mac wannabe!

    1. Peter, what kind of set-up do you use for blogging with your iPhone?

      1. Peter Wiebe · · Reply

        Rebecca, I have the WordPress App to interact with the blog. I use Pages for iphone to write and then cut and paste into WordPress.You can also write your post directly into the WordPress app. I also use DocsToGo and Dropbox when using Word on my PC.

        1. Wow! Do you have a separate keyboard, or do you type directly into the phone?

          1. Peter Wiebe · ·

            Directly into the phone. This is what I do with many of my lunch hours-I confess. A larger screen would be nice:) I have also used Siri at times, but you have to speak the punctuation.

          2. I didn’t think Siri was this good. It keeps misunderstanding me when I ask it a question. Maybe it just doesn’t speak Okie!

          3. Peter Wiebe · ·

            Perhaps you are right. Maybe Siri is Canadian πŸ™‚

          4. I think so! πŸ™‚

  3. So, in other words……you’re a ‘Macblogger?’

  4. I use an old PC laptop usually, but also my i-pad – you can tell when it is the latter as its predictive text makes even more nonsense out of my posts than I do πŸ™‚

    1. I know. I have enough trouble with typos all on my own. Then auto correct comes in and adds mayhem to the mx. It can be comical.

  5. Apple Products here! As a 4th grade teacher, I am connected at the hip to my personal MBP, iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. It has helped me stay connected, and just gives my ‘paper’ a nice crisp look.

    1. I’m like you. One reason I’m a Mac is to keep things consistent and simple.

  6. Mine’s a refurbed IBM desktop off corporate lease, and badly short of hard-to-find memory but I gave up on Windows about 6 months ago, and strictly run Linux now but, I’m a techie, in a techie organization.

    Laptop is a Toshiba toughbook, much like the police departments use, for the same reason, and again Linux.

    1. You really are a techie. What is the advantage of running Linux? I keep hearing about it, but don’t understand what it’s about.

      1. In my case, because I’m running obsolescent, although commercial grade hardware (on Windows the newest version I can run is XP) I can’t afford the bloat of the Windows system, it bogs down all the time. The downside is even on Linus it does, although not as often, and it’s not as graceful. Some things I miss, like Microsoft Works, Open Office/Libre Office is not nearly as intuitive.

        In truth, although I like Linux, it’s, for me, something of a stopgap, to keep my equipment current enough to use.

        I’m sort of a techie, more of a user, but I have the support structure available in house, when I get stuck. It helps, a lot. It’s not a general recommendation. For instance, my edition is staying one generation behind because reports say the newest one can’t handle video.

          1. Good, because I wasn’t very clear on it. It’s a good system but, I wish my budget permitted u\hardware upgrades!

          2. Well … I did it on credit, so it’s a question if my budget permits or not!

          3. Ha! I probably would too, but my credit’s a bit overstretched with the economy and all, I should be buying trucks, not computers.

            BTW how are your fires coming, we seem to having trouble with ours, heck of a year for them.

          4. The fires are bad. The firefighters are heroes. I worry about them and pray for them.

  7. Oh, and Rebecca, there’s a going away present for you waiting on my Awards 2 post.

    1. I don’t know what a Dell Inspiron is. A laptop? Of some miserly configuration, I presume.

      1. Dell is usually a consumer brand, Inspiron is roughly middle of the road, usually decent processor but, not usually heavily optioned.

        I’d call it an OK laptop.

  8. Good morning…it’s 9:38 am @ our place. At 6:30 I put on some sprinklers where the sprinkler system misses. Hug to my hunny for putting it in 2 years ago…I just don’t know how the old owner could stand dragging hoses around this .77 acre lot! It would have been an ache…

    I have a slug of a laptop – Dell Inspiron. Ian says it inspires frustration. At least no one wants to borrow it off me! But I also share a AMD PC with the kids for doing stuff my wee one can’t handle. ( I have to wait in line for this one…or get up early.)

    Have a great weekend! Ours is a long one so hubby is off – yippee – he says he’ll do supper. Hello garden!

    ~ Wendy

  9. I have macular degeneration so, I’m stuck with the desktop so I have a magnifier bar tool on the bottom on the screen I depend on. It’s a little frustrating sometimes, but I tutor so my work comes to me. Fortunately, I know most of the materials for grades 1-7. A hand held magnifier comes in handy. I do use a Kindle for book reading and enjoy it. Also use audio books. There are ways to work around it. I do hope that all the health care changes will not restrict my Avastin treatments.
    Enjoy your new technology! Happy for you.

    1. I have a Kindle, too. (I’m the family gadget-girl.) I love it because it allows me to change type size, which rests my eyes.

  10. Rebecca,

    I’ve nominated you for the Readers Appreciation Award, as a thank you for all the challenging and inspirational posts that you’ve written. You can pick it up at my blog, in this post:

  11. What, you mean there are computers out there other than a MAC? Do they even allow that kind of behavior? πŸ™‚

    I have both a MAC and a Sony – MAC for me, Sony for work.

    But if it was not for work, I would only have the MAC.

    1. “you mean there are computers out there other than a MAC? Do they even allow that kind of behavior? ”

      It IS shocking, isn’t it?

      1. Very.

        I feel traumatized. I think I need to go hug my mac to feel better. πŸ˜‰ LOL

        Thanks for the fun! I always love a chance to toot the mac horn.

  12. I’m sort-of a Mac. I’m in computer limbo at the moment, as my Macbook of six years was stolen at an event a few weeks ago. 😦 My boyfriend is lending me an old Dell laptop until I can scrounge up enough money for a new MacBook Pro. I’m grateful for the Dell, but I miss having a Mac!!!

    1. I would be lost without my Mac. Good luck on getting the $ together to get a new one!

  13. I used to be a PC but I have “gone over to the dark side” and bought the very computer you are so patiently waiting to get…I LOVE IT!!! The deal breaker for me? I can run a Windows virtual machine on my MAC and still get to all my PC software. (My Hubby is a techie so I had some help with this.) I now have the best of both worlds. (Oh…and I love my iPad, too…it is the best for reading longs things, isn’t it?)

    1. Agree and agree. Both the Mac and the iPad have enabled me to do my job in a more efficient, easy way. Plus, they are fun!

  14. I’ve been a PC for my entire life, and I had no complaints. I just got a 13″ macbook pro less than a month ago, so I’m still getting used to it. So far, I love it, but I can’t really say that it’s much different/better than a PC! Maybe I’ll change my mind with time πŸ™‚

  15. I just put PC ahead by one! Woo Hoo!! . . . . . I need to get out more.


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